Resume (in English)


  • Place in the sun, small role of Natasza,in the featre film of René Vaquier
  • The Website spot about modern slavery for the OICEM, role of Natalia ( Gilles Ammar)
  • « Insofar as possible», main role of Lucie, short-length (Système D Prod).
  • « Crossing of Darkness » role of Anastazia vampire, web serie of Fred Worf.
  • « Red Mustang» role of Jenifer in the feature film of René-Pierre Boyer.
  • Advert for Vocalcom, main role of an American Woman (in English)
  • « Watercolor Painting » of Dolly West ( Auteur film)
  • « Three- step Dance », main role of Laura (short-lenght film of Albert Lemairie).
  • « Happy Birthday Will », role of pregnant woman (Medium- lenght film, collective creation ).
  • « Zaskoczenie » (« Surprise », role of woman short – length film of Magda Knappe ).
  • « Przemiana » (« Transformation», role of girlfriend, short – length film of Monika Smiechowska)
  • Extra parts and silhouettes in Poland and France ( Sale, La grande Pétanque, Safe, Jusqu'au dernier, French ...)

Performance art

  • The Body of a Woman as a Battlefield in the Bosnian War by Visniec the Duanama Team, Marseilles
  • Radish scream: main role of Julia, a comedy by Bernard LUBRANO (France).
  • Shows: theater research with Gabor Scetnecki (from the Grotowski laboratory theater), Marseille, Aix-en -Provence.
  • « The Wedding » by Gorki, role of Agafia in a loose interpretation, C. LIVERATO, Avignon.
  • « Funfair » theater research with The Arcane Theater, Marseilles.
  • Creation around Harold Pinter's sketches, diverse roles: girl, drunkanrd and elder homeless woman, (The Têtard Theater) Marseilles.
  • Creation during the intercultural workshop in LIV, Bologna (Italy).
  • « When the theater makes us human» (René Georges – La Cité, Theater Hause),
  • « The Trial » loose adaptation of Kafka's novel with the Arcane Theater ( chorus member)
  • Jasmine princess, Treasure hunt with Pied nu group.
  • « Hiroshima Never Again » (Public play-reading) Marseilles.
  • « After the Rain » role of director (Bruno DURET, the Théâtros Company) Marseilles.
  • « Mon Romeo and Julliet » diverse roles - ACTEE (in English), burlesque theater.
  • « Titanic, the True Story »role of a detective - ACTEE (in English), burlesque theater.
  • Multidisciplinary performance about male and female reconciliation.
  • Pantomime shows, varoius in Poland and Germany.
  • Cabaret shows (singing, dance, theater) Wroclaw and Oborniki Slaskie in Poland.

Staiging :

  • Shows " I -You-We" intercyltural project in 3 steps " Where do I finish and does another begins ? ", Algerian France , Poland, project chief and staging, november 2013
  • Performance " Where do I finish and does another begins ? ", first step of international exchange project, Lenche Theater in mars and Cultural Center Tivoli in may in Marseilles 2013.
  • Intercultural performance about sustainable consumption with participants from five countries in Pradet and Hyères in France.
  • Laboratorium ' Am I a woman, a man or both?", speaker.
  • " Happy birthday Will" medium-length film, story of young disabled person.
  • « Przemiana » (« Transformation», short – length : shooting, director, editing, role of girl ).

Artistic education :

  • Master class with Jean Paul Zennacker ( actor, stage menager)
  • Corporal mime with Pablo Volo( école d' Etienne Decroux)
  • Avignon theater conservatory (indivudual path)
  • Buto Dance with Sumako Koseki
  • « Acting techniques » international workshop with G. Bral in Song of the Goat Theater , Wroclaw in Poland.
  • « Actor and its space » with Gabor CSETNEKI ( from Grotowski theater in Poland ).

  • « Creative process of the physical actions», in LIV- Performing Arts Center in Bologna, Italy.

  • Master Class « Actor in front of the camera » with Eric Viala (actors coach).

  • Dramatic writing workshop, Summer University/ Festival in Mousson.

  • Improvisations with Frank Gétreau (actor and theater director).

  • « Something about me in theater » reality writing with Michel Andrée (la Cité, the Theater Hause).

  • Training with Jean-Pascal MOUTHIER, old teacher of L'EPDA ( Professional school for actors).

  • Singing and vocal training with Valérie PEREZ, jazz singer.

  • Polyphonic singing with « BOCA NOVA », word music, concerts in Marseille.


Technical education :

  • Certificate in « Film-maker / Production » (Professional school of film and TV), Wroclaw Poland.

  • Production workshop in the Polish Television and Film-maker workshop in TVN.
  • Master's degree in « Cultural and artistic projects organisation », specialisation professional: theater, (University of Provence), Final essay about the intercultural théâtre.

  • Master's degree in « Art and Culture », specialisation: theater (University of Wroclaw) Poland.
  • UE formation about intercultural exchange ( youth pass certificat)





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